Jan Dalhuisen Dalhuisen 3 Volume Boxed Set

Jan Dalhuisen Dalhuisen 3 Volume Boxed Set


In a significant departure from earlier editions, the work is now divided into three volumes, each of which can be used independently or as part of the complete work. Volume three deals with financial products, financial services and financial regulation, including the fall out from the recent financial crisis, as well as the structure and function of the modern... This is the fourth edition of the leading work on transnational and comparative commercial and financial law, covering a wide range of complex topics in the modern law of international commerce, finance and trade. As a guide for students and practitioners it is unrivalled. Volume one covers the introductory material - historical sources, legal systems, foundations of private law, the forces of transnationalisation and the development of the modern law merchant or lex mercatoria as a largely autonomous finance-driven event. Volume two deals with international contracts, payments, and moveable tangible and intangible property.

О.У. Юлдашева, С.В. Никифорова und Г.Ю. Никифорова Эффективность брендинга территории

Руни, Энн Психология за 15 минут

Л. В. Спаткай Пограничники-белорусы – комбриги, комдивы, генералы

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