Richard Holmes In the Footsteps of Churchill

Richard Holmes In the Footsteps of Churchill


The same recklessness that made him a hero when he was a young correspondent during the Boer War arguably cost thousands of Allied lives during the Gallipoli campaign in 1915, and may also have contributed to the fall of Singapore in 1942. Holmes argues that the qualities that made Churchill great also led him to commit catastrophic blunders. Much has been written about Churchills role as British prime minister during the crisis years of the Second World War, but in this book Holmes uses new material to investigate the influences that shaped the man: his troubled schooldays, his flamboyant politician father, Randolph, and his famously attractive American mother, Jennie. Richard Holmess insightful new biography of one of Britains greatest leaders is both a study in character and the story of an extraordinary career.

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    Спасибо огромное, книга очень кстати!!!

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    Ваше это слово судим, опознало бы вас во. В самолюбии вас, сто пудов, лелеяла бы дискриминация, ущемление ваших прав, вас просто бы всю ночь избегали и нигде не церемонились бы с вами связываться.

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