J. P. Kimmel Trial of Fallen Angels

J. P. Kimmel Trial of Fallen Angels


And then my memories vanished, as if a plug had been pulled! With shades of both The Book Thief and The Lovely Bones, James Kimmel Jr.s first novel, The Trial of Fallen Angels, is a story about what happens when we cant - or wont - let go. When young lawyer Brek Cutler finds herself covered in blood and standing on a deserted railway platform, she has no memory of how she got there... In a seemingly deliberate coincidence, her first client seems to hold the key to unlock the chain of events that led to Breks... Shes been chosen to join the elite lawyers who prosecute and defend souls at the Final Judgement. I remembered telling my husband I loved him and knowing I did. For one very good reason: shes dead. I remembered picking up my daughter at the end of the day and her squeals of delight when she saw me... But shes not allowed to grieve for her lost life, her widowed husband, or her beautiful but now motherless baby daughter - because she has a job to do.

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