Nicola Lacey Unspeakable Subjects

Nicola Lacey Unspeakable Subjects


Ranging across fields including criminal law,public law and anti-discrimination law, the essays examine the conceptual framework of modern legal practices: the legal conception of the subject as an individual; the concepts of equality, freedom, justice and rights; and the legal construction of public and private realms and of the relations between individual, state and community. All of the essays in the book therefore engage at some level with the question of whether there are things of a general nature to be said about what might be called the sex or gender of law. They also reflect upon the deployment of law as a means of furthering feminist ethical and political values. At a more general level, the essays contemplate the relationship between feminist and other critical approaches to legal theory; the relationship between the... Nicola Lacey’s book presents a feminist critique of law based on an analysis of the ways in which the very structure or method of modern law is gendered.

Антипов А. Отпечатки будущих фотографий. Стихотворения

Богдан Сушинский Гнев Цезаря

В. И. Язневич Станислав Лем

Кристи, Агата Э.КристиСК(м).Пассажир из Франкфурта

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